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This is pretty funny: U.S.

This is pretty funny: U.S.

by David Veksler

This is pretty funny: U.S. food programs ‘make the poor obese’

“The U.S. government’s food aid programs for low-income people are contributing to the high obesity rates of America’s poor, according to a recent report from a Washington think thank.

In his paper, Besharov, director of AEI’s social and individual responsibility project, notes that that the U.S. government now spends billions annually on its three major programs to help feed the poor: $18 billion on food stamps; $8 billion on school breakfasts and lunches; and $5 billion on the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC, which provides food directly to mothers and children.

He says these programs are driven not by an emphasis on healthy eating habits that could help stymie the costly problem of obesity, but by outdated policies that contribute to obesity. Such policies ignore the fact that Americans are much more likely today to be at risk from health problems related to overeating and obesity than those that arise from lack of food. “

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