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  • The political versus the economic

    Human values are individual and subjective, but in modern society, money is a used as a proxy of value, in both the market and the political system. We can speak of the aspirational, world-changing dreams of both entrepreneurs and politicians, but it is money which gives their values power to act. In this way, we […]

  • Self-organization in markets and politics

    Most people take it for granted that the market system is a self-organizing entity. We understand that no master plan is needed for the entire economy to work as an integrated whole, without the need for any one participant to know more than two sets of links: his suppliers and his customers. Immensely complex structures […]

  • There is a sick value inversion between the image of the capitalist ruthlessly seeking profits and the benevolent politician working for the betterment of society. *The capitalist succeeds only to the extent that he can produce more consumer value than the resources he consumes. *The politician succeeds only to the extent that he can steal […]

  • Expanding the bureaucracy and the fallacy of the slippery slope

    Those who oppose minor and perhaps reasonable expansions to the power of the government on the grounds that that power will inevitably be expanded abused are not necessarily committing the fallacy of the slippery slope.  Extensive precedent has shown that once any task is institutionalized in a government agency, it will forever have a lobby […]

  • Understanding and judgment in nature and society

    In the natural world, we can attempt understanding, but not judgement. We can ask why the lion hunts the antelope, but not whether it is right or wrong. We can feel pity for the prey, but we know that while the antelope must die for the lion to live, neither can be said to be […]

  • Eight billion smartphone-enabled humans will change everything

    Mobile phone subscriptions now total 98% of the world’s population. Virtually the entire world’s population (87% of the total population) now has a cellphone. What’s next? Personal computers are a mind-expanding device for the world’s first wealthiest one billion people. But they are a very primitive, early adopter device in comparison to the smartphone. A smartphone […]

  • Advice to photographers and videographers

    Unless you are taking photos for legal evidence, or to hand them off for processing to someone else, you are an artist, and should treat your work accordingly. Even if your goal is only to document an event, to take a photo, you must choose the subject, time, and composition of every shot. That means […]

  • A good photo has three elements: good composition, nice light, and an interesting subject. A great photo transcends the present moment. It connects with the viewer emotionally and invites them to tell their own story about the subject.

  • Ultimate limits on computation

    1: The computer cannot be denser than that which would create a black hole (Bekenstein bound) 2: The temperature of the cosmic microwave background radiation sets the minimum operating temperature 3: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Planck’s constant,E = mc2 set a maximum on the energy processing per unit mass (2 x 1047 bits per second per […]

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