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Month: June 2002

Before They Were Part II…

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By Francisco Rangel

Famous movie characters weren’t always comedians, knights or scary little
kids. They were pizza delivery guys, garbage collectors and even tech support.

Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld


I bought a 256MB DIMM from your company last week….

Seinfeld: Did it come in a bag? One of those bags that look like airplane
peanut bags?

Customer: Um, if you’re referring to the anti-static bag, then…

Seinfeld: What’s the deal with airplane peanuts?

Customer: Look, I just need help installing the DIMM.

Seinfeld: Why do they call it a DIMM? Are the people who created it not
BRIGHT enough?

Customer: *click*

Sir Bedevere from Monty Python and the Holy Grail


I bought a CD and I want to burn it, but I don’t know if it’s

Bedevere: There are ways of telling whether it is copy-protected.

Customer: Are there? Tell me!

Bedevere: Now, what do you do with CDs?

Customer: Burn them!

Bedevere: What do you burn apart from CDs?

Customer: More CDs!

Bedevere: No.

Customer: Wood?

Bedevere: Right. So, why do CDs burn?

Customer: Because they’re made of wood?

Bedevere: Exactly. And wood floats in water. So logically…

Customer: If the CD floats in water… It won’t be copy-protected… and
I will be able to burn it!


Customer: Thanks! *click*

Cole Sear (the little kid) from The Sixth Sense


Hi, is this where they help you with broken computers parts.

Cole: Yes. I see dead computers.

Customer: Well, I can’t get any sound from my computer.

Cole: I see. Dead speakers?

Customer: No, my speakers are working fine. The little light is on.

Cole: Sometimes speakers lights are on like regular speakers. They don’t
know they’re dead.

Customer: Oh, wait. The volume was turned down. Never mind. *click*


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In other news, I am reading Human Action and it’s AWESOME! Mises explains the intricacies of economics as clearly as Hazzlit explains its basics and Rand explains philosophy. I’ve just started the book, but I’ve been highlighting practically ever other sentence as a quote to add to my list…..

Oh, and I got a 100 on my last logic exam! Yay!

Annoying Stuff

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My INFO class is BOOORING!
We were learning html today and it was like someone teaching me how to tie my shoes. I make it a point to go to every class, but I think I would be much better of skipping and going to work where I can get paid to do real work with computers. Plus it’s really frigging annoying that my prof does her html code in ALL CAPS, without “quotes” and with huge tabs in front of her code. (It’s against the current html standard) Not to mention that she requires us to use frames and I consider frames a big no no when it comes to make quality sites.
Then at work today, this cute sounding, but clueless girl calls in and I spend AN HOUR trying to figure out just what her problem is. My favorite thing with people like that is when I ask them to do something simple like “open up your browser” and then wait for 5 minutes as I hear them struggling and saying thinks like “ok” and “here we go” and “hmmm” and and I ask them if they need help and they say “no, I got it!” and then finally they ask “so, what’s a browser?”


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Irony: David stays up all night programing instead of sleeping/studying and get’s a low grade on his INFO exam on computer systems the next day.

Public educamation: He still gets the highest grade in class.

Irony (#2): David practices every day for his swimming exam thursday only to find himself sore and cramped up all over wednsday night.

Swimming Sucks

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Actually, I love swimming, but lately I have been cramped up all over and seriously not ready for my 100 yard swim test on thursday…I should probably spend more time at the pool practicing and less on the keyboard getting carpal tunnel…

(Update: I passed my swim test! Yay!)


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My first ASP do .Net conversion is the random quote generator you see above. What do you think? I’ve added 80+ quotes so far…
Also, I realized that this page was competely unreadable to low-res visitors. I changed it to support resolutions down to 640×480, though I hate it when people setup their screen so that you have to scroll two pages to see the next sentence…

Libertarian Convention..

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…was a blast! I met many, many cool people, talked philosophy, politics, economics, ethics, and business all night, ate some great food, stayed in a snazzy hotel room, and got the (unofficial) job of LP state webmaster in addition to potentially doing some local campagn websites. I also made a tentative speech plan for the coming year and met several potential speaker I can invite to come to A&M.
There were some negative aspects however, such as the highly argumentative nature of the nomination and convention process (more than should be, methinks) Also, some less than qualified people were nominated to office, but I suppose that’s what elections are all about. In any case, I bet the Libertarians are about the only party that actually have a real Parliamentary – style convention process, whereas the Dems, Reps, and Greens probably have big PR gigs, while the real decisions are made in smoky bars and strip clubs. I’d like to know how true that is.

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