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Month: March 2001

Pre-Blog Archive

by David Veksler David Veksler No Comments

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What’s New Here:

  • 3-01-01 I just got Dreamweaver, and will be working on a new site
    soon, with updated images, and no more messy front page html. –Yay!
  • 3-02-01 You’d be amazed how much cleaner HTML is without all those
    Frontage comments…
  • 3-23-01 Newsflash: I finally have a domain name:, and e-mail: [email protected]. The Dreamweaver
    edition of my site is in the works…Also, my webcam is finally up!
  • 3.24-01 Dreamweaver site is UP!
  • 3.20.01 Made some edits
  • 4.01.19 More images up
  • 4.24.01 Redesign, audio
  • 4.18.01 Some tunes (
    ) up.
  • 4.24.01 New thumbnail
  • 5.16.01 My website is now in ASP!
  • 5.18.01 The CHATROOM is up!
  • August 01 : A&M CUTS OF ACCESS TO PORT 80! 🙁
  • 8.31.01 The Message Board is up!

  • Howdy, I am David Veksler, currently an
    economics and political science major at Texas A&M University, Fighting Texas
    Aggie Class of ’03 and this is my personal page. It contains my Bio, my RĂ©sumĂ©, a file server, current
    , my favorite sites, a chat room, and pictures
    of me and my friends.

    You may use the buttons on the side to
    navigate between my pages, and use the back button if you get stuck.

    Below, you will find an update of today’s news, and links to other Aggie sites.