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Month: January 2006

by David Veksler David Veksler No Comments

The EPA just released this least of the top 25 “renewable energy” users. Unsurprisingly, the list is dominated by government agencies and enviro-nut oriented companies – that is, organizations that either feed off  enviro-hysteria, or can simply steal more of your money to make up for their waste. If you are looking to avoid investing in companies that waste your money, this is a list to watch.

U.S. govt sues Google for your porn queries

by David Veksler David Veksler 4 Comments

The Justice Department is suing Google after it refused to turn over “all Google queries for a week and for 1 million Internet addresses.” No warrant or reasonable cause was needed – this is for the state’s “research” needs. MSN, Yahoo, and AOL already capitulated without a fight. If there was ever a cause for a fight over due process, it’s this, not the anti-terrorism BS.

Incidentaly, Google permanently records all my search queries as part of my Google account, which includes a year of Gmail emails, my address book, and credit card info for my ad accounts. To hell with phone calls and letters – if there are any secrets about me, my Google accounts hold them. If this is up for grabs without a warrant, what isn’t?

Photo Fun

by David Veksler David Veksler 1 Comment

During my trip to see the family this weekend, I scanned over 100 family photos from Soviet Ukraine, some of them dating back to the 1930s. The photos are in various states of decay, and require touch-ups before they can be enlarged for printing. Fortunately, I have a copy of Photoshop CS2 handy, and started with this 30’s era glamour shot of grandma and her sis:


My other grandmother: