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David's $500 Psychic Challenge!

David's $500 Psychic Challenge!

by David Veksler

To contribute to $1 Million Psychic Challenge, I hereby declare a prize of $500, out of my own funds, to anyone that can demonstrate to me any sort of psychic, hypnotic, levitational, or any* other paranormal ability in a valid, repeatable scientific experiment.

Hello, Miss Cleo? John Edwards? Uri Geller? Santa? Pope John Paul ? — I’m waiting.

Feel free to spread the word…but I’m not expecting too many inquiries…


  1. Comments to four-year old blog posts ought to count for something “paranormal,” no?

    Actually, wouldn’t that which falls under the category of “paranormal” by definition exist outside the scope of scientific observation?

    The $1 Million challenge– was that from James Randi? I’m with you on this one. Put up or shut up, so it goes. Predict which finger I’m about to jab in your eye, and you can have the money. Do it with an accuracy level higher than 1 in 8.

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