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by David Veksler

The thing I find the most outrageous about politics in today’s world is not that so many collectivist and authoritarian governments exist, but that it is the free nations of the world that support them. The U.S. is building North Korea a nuclear plant in exchange for it agreeing to not build more nukes, as millions of its citizens starve, kept alive by the millions in aid that the country gets every year, while North Korea diverts its entire industry (supported mostly by western aid) towards making more weapons and keeping a huge conscripted military force in the army instead of allowing their enslaved masses to raise any crops. As it sends aid and builds North Korea nuclear plans (which are illegal to build in the US thanks to the enviro-wakos), the U.S. military keeps several thousand troops stationed at the border between the Koreas to guard against North Korean aggression. More so than the dictators of these countries, who are common thugs, the “civilized” countries that support these dictatorships are responsible for their existence.

Recently, “thousands of tons of U.S. emergency food aid destined for crisis-stricken Zimbabwe has been diverted to other countries, and a new shipload may be diverted within days, because the donations include genetically modified corn that the Zimbabwean government does not want to accept.” Why not? They “don’t want to contaminate their soil with genetically modified crops”!
Even more outrageously, Mugabe has said he is being prudent. “We fight the present drought with our eyes clearly set on the future of the agricultural sector, which is the mainstay of our economy,” he told Zimbabwe’s parliament on July 23. “We dare not endanger its future through misplaced decisions based on acts of either desperation or expediency.”

What Mugabe does not mention is that in the last year, he has stolen the land of thousands of white farmers in a pathetic attempt to boost his own failing popularity by taking the role of a common looter. Since the farmers produce most of the country’s agricultural output and hire millions of workers, millions of people have gone starving (and unemployed) and the country’s economy has nosedived. And this punk claims he is “set on the future”? But it’s not Mugabe who makes me sick – it is the aid agencies, the governments, and the media that support these regimes by adopting and promoting the statist, collectivist, nihilist, and pragmatic attitudes that create these sad situations.
Excuse me while I barf.

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