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New essay: Modern Art and Visions of Values

New essay: Modern Art and Visions of Values

by David Veksler

Inspired by Tim’s letter to, I wrote a an essay dedicated to the evils of modern art. Here is the intro:

Today’s rant is dedicated to the general and overwhelming mediocrity of “modern art”. No, “mediocre” is too mild a word. Modern art is horrible! Pathetic! Rubbish! It has about as much artistic value as a sewage dump! No, I still cannot express just how pathetic modern art is. A sewage dump has but one purpose: to store sewage, and it may do it well, but modern art is such a complete failure qua art, that there is no term to describe it other than anti-art, the epitome of what art is not, and should not be.


  1. Amen! The modernist argument is “if it’s not new it isn’t art!” But the knowledge of humanity can never age.

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