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the peaceniks are at it again…

the peaceniks are at it again…

by David Veksler

Check out this photo of this weekend’s protest in Houston, from the Houston Chronicle. See the token black guy in the center? (Why else do you think the paper choose a photo of him?) That’s none other than Rob, longtime associate of Laurel and I and perhaps the most clueless philosophy major I know. Rob, I know you’re a regular reader of my blog, so let me tell you now that of all the stupid slogans you could have possibly chosen, you picked the absolute worst one. “No Blood for Oil” would have been preferable to your “The World Says NO.” The world’s opinion (as if a whole species could have one) has no bearing whatsoever on whether than opinion is right or not – something I’ve been trying to hammer into your brain for the last few years. Seriously, there are legitimate and critical questions to ask before a nation goes to war, and while I believe taking out Saddam is necessary and just action, a discussion of these issues would be a
proper thing to do. However NONE of the arguments presented by these new-age hippies have anything to do with the real questions we should be asking (is Saddam a big enough threat to the US to justify the cost of taking him out) and everything to do with typical liberal moral subjectivism, pacifism, and a general distate of western values. There’s really nothing more for me to add that I haven’t already said in my essay The anti-war protesters: what are they for?.

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