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PETA Madness

PETA Madness

by David Veksler

OK, first PETA compared the murder of the Jews in the Holocaust to the killing of cows and chickens. If that weren’t crazy enough, the’re now on a campaign against IAMS (the pet food company) for get this, conducting nutrition trials on pets. Apparently unlike humans, who frequently experiment with different diets, animals aren’t able to consent to nutrition testing! The irony of course is that animas don’t have rights for the precise reason that as non-rational beings, they don’t have the ability to engage in consensual/transactional interactions with humans. Meanwhile PETA is essentially a terrorist group bent on wiping out humanity – or at least everything that differentiates us from animals.


  1. David, I suggest you go on to and watch the video footage of all the horrific abuse these animals are subjected to. Corporate factory farms are concentration camps of the worst kind.
    Apparently you didnt see the videos of the poor cats and dogs that are kept at the Iams labs for years to be experimented on. These animals were also neglected and abused. How would you like to be locked up at a stinking lab for a couple of years and be experimented on? There are plenty of pet food companies that are not experimenting on animals.Why do you want to support Iams? I suggest you get your facts straight before you talk anymore.

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