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More Leftist Nonsense…

More Leftist Nonsense…

by David Veksler

Laurel mentions a panel at the University of Chicago’s “Center for Gender Studies” pushing for unisex bathrooms. I found these lines both hilarious and revealing:

…many women’s restrooms have a caricature of a person in a dress on it. “Going into it implies that we are willing to be associated with that image. There are only two [images] to choose from. This moment involves an act of self-labeling.

Nate Claxton, another panelist, knew people who had contracted bladder infections because choosing a gender bathroom bothered them so much that they did not go to the bathroom all day.

I can’t say whether sexual orientation is a choice, but one’s sex? Not unless you’re a transgendered freak –in which case you need an operation, not a unisex bathroom.


  1. Transgendered freak? Heh.

    Mindless and pathetically weak people like you, who can not make their own path, but instead must follow everyone like a sheep, make me sick.


  2. I think people will ussually hold it because people don’t think either bathroom is right for them. This may not have anything to do with their politics. I know some people who fit this category who are corporate, christian fundementalist conservatives. It’s true for some tall women. It’s also true for some intersexed individuals.

  3. As one of the afore mentioned transgendered freaks, I will be more than happy to have an operation and am actively seeking one. Care to call your congressman and have the health care insurance company I pay large sums of money to every month actually cover my medical bills? They are denying me access to medical coverage because I am, as you call it, a transgendered freak. Pal, I didn’t ask to be transgendered, I asked to be normal. Nature chose otherwise. So do me a favor and leave you bigotry in the gutter where it belongs.

  4. I seriously think you need to re-evaluate your use of the word ‘freak’. Just because someone is different from you perceive is correct or natural, doesn’t mean you have the right to them a freak. That’s a problem with most of the people living all over this world presently. Something is different, it’s freaky. Someone’s different, they’re a freak.

    Grow up.

  5. “Not unless you’re a transgendered freak…”

    So, you’re ignorant enough to not be aware of the gender categories beyond male, female, and transgendered? That there are intersexed people and intergendered people who don’t want to transition into one gender or another? Flunked Human Sexuality in college? Good job on not reading, or meeting new people, or seeing the world beyond the end of your nose.

  6. I am the Transgendered Freak, and I’m proud of it. I’m the Transgendered Freak who refuses to undergo surgery to mangle my body in order to fit into neat gender categories. I am the Transgendered Freak who dresses in men’s clothes, gets frustrated with being treated like a girl, called “ma’am” or “miss”, and being addressed as strictly female. I am the Transgendered Freak who has more balls than most men, I would like very much if the world in general would stop trying to shove it’s phallogocentric dick down my throat. I am the transgendered freak who has to get up everyday and face a world that mistrusts me, spits upon me, wants to see me dragged into a dark alley and not resurface. I am the Transgendered Freak who’s wondered if the world is right, if I should just drag myself into a dark alley and end it with a handful of pills, with a sharpened razor.

    I am the Transgendered Freak who, everyday, has to stand between two doors and stare.

    “Male” and “Female”

    Grind my teeth, hot vibrations running through the fibers of my bones – forced to choose.

    • Old and Decrepit,Our government is alardey so large and powerful, that don’t do anything wrong is utterly ignorant and unpersuasive. They have criminalized everything, to the point that one need not even have criminal intent in order to be charged and convicted of a crime. Nobody is safe from government’s grasp. Don’t believe me? Read Harvey Silverglate’s new book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent. Noah,Great post. I am actually really surprised to see this out of you. It appears that we agree that a government big enough to give you every policy you want (or might want) is big enough to take away a substantial amount of your freedom if it can be used for bad purposes. Fortunately, the internet generation is not going to sit idly and watch the government snuff out what little is left of our liberty.

  7. Really i dont see why one should have to choose one place or the other. a neutral bathroom is beneficial for more than the trans community. Even people with young children could benefit. But if your calling anyone a “freak”, it sounds idiotic and uneducated. If your gonna say something on a subject at least be educated on it.

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