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Limbaugh warns of danger to free speech

Limbaugh warns of danger to free speech

by David Veksler

Well, I never expected this from the conservatives, but I’m glad that one of them finally had enough sense to say it:

The nation’s top radio host Rush Limbaugh warned of growing government intervention in broadcasting content.
Limbaugh made the comments after his parent company clear channel dropped Viacom’s Howard Stern from its stations.
‘Smut on tv gets praised. Smut on TV wins Emmys. On radio, there seems to be different standards,’ Limbaugh explained.
‘I’ve never heard Howard Stern. But when the federal government gets involved in this, i get a little frightened.
‘If we are going to sit by and let the federal government get involved in this, if the government is going to ‘censor’ what they think is right and wrong… What happens if a whole bunch of john Kerry’s, or terry McAuliffe’s start running this country. And decide conservative views are leading to violence?
‘I am in the free speech business. Its one thing for a company to determine if they are going to be party to it. Its another thing for the government to do it.’


  1. I was glad to hear him say it.
    He could’ve explained the issue
    better and proposed a property
    rights based solution, but I’ll
    take what I can get.

    I’m amazed that none of these
    companies (ABC, Clearchannel) have
    stood up and stated that they have
    a first amendment right to free speech.

    I emailed Clearchannel [email protected]
    and told them (politely) to fight for their
    free speech rights.

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