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by David Veksler

Children as young as 10 are being recruited to fight for the Palestinian cause.

The recruits, some of whom are dwarfed by their AK-47 assault rifles, are taught how to carry out ambushes.
They are also made to do an obstacle course, crawling under barbed wire and leaping through hoops of fire while their instructors fire live bullets overhead.
The camp is run by a group called the Popular Resistance Committee, which said the next generation of Palestinians needed to know how to fight the Israeli “occupation”.


  1. That is just sick. Making children fight your wars. Ten year olds are way to immature to be soldiers. Whats next, turning six year olds into suicide bombers? Oh wait we are talking about the Palistinians, that will probably be next!

  2. Actually, I am going to apologize slightly. I didn’t mean to impugn all palastinians. Just the terrorist nut bags who would use children for soilders.

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