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Aids Reduces African Life Expectancy To 33


  1. Don’t know the root cause of aids, but I do know that the poverty
    that they have to deal with on a mass scale, could have something
    to do with the fact that it spread so widely. Inadequate education,
    and inadequate health care! They are like a people that people
    threw away. Very sad!! With all of the beautiful art, and hand
    carved musical instruments that they make, you would think that
    someone would have introduced all of the talented indigenous tribes
    to EBAY! They could be entrepeneurs instead of having people steal
    their art work for nothing!! They are a land that time would like to forget!!

  2. The headline was a bit of sensationalism. In the text of the article they narrowed it to “some regions” of sub-saharan Africa had a life expectancy of 33 years. Not all of Africa. They were talking about AIDS hotspots, apparently.

    Still tragic, but not as dramatic as the headline implied.

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