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Free Love

Free Love

by David Veksler

Love Field, that is. For the DWF residents:

Have you seen the “Set Love Free” ads? After decades of lawsuits and legislative battles, the city of Ft. Worth and Southwestern Airlines are running PR campaigns over a decades old measure isolating the DFW airport from competition.


I wrote a letter about it:

Please support the Right to Fly Act (HR 2646) introduced in the House by
Congressmen Jeb Hensarling and Sam Johnson and the American Right to Fly
Act (S. 1424) introduced in the Senate by Senator John Ensign.

It’s time to bring 26 years of protectionist policy to an end. Airlines
have a right to fly to and from any airport they choose, free from
restrictions imposed by short-sighted protectionists who are afraid to
compete in a free and open market. If DFW Airport is afraid of losing
airlines, they should lower their costs, not try to legislate other, more
efficient, airports out of business.

Even if the absurd argument that a free Love Field would hurt DFW business
were true, it would only mean that Love Field is better able to serve
customers than their competition. As a frequent flier, I support lower
costs (and thus cheaper tickets) and reject the destructive mercantilist
mentality that views the success of one business is a threat to others.

One Comment

  1. David,

    I’m glad to hear that there’s an effort underway to repeal the Wright Amendment.

    Houston still uses its “old airport” at Hobby and as far as I can tell, both airports are thriving and expanding.


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