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American Fascism versus the pornographer

American Fascism versus the pornographer

by David Veksler

In 2003 I explained why totalitarian regimes like China are so fiercely opposed to human sexuality:

The threat posed by the selfish pursuit of one’s happiness is the driving motivation for authoritarian regimes of all kinds to have joined organized religion in fiercely opposing public acceptance of sexuality as a natural and moral activity.

In 2008, advocating and practicing the right of all human beings to pursue their life, liberty, and happiness as they best see fit is grounds for a lifetime sentence in a federal prison of the United States of America:

Money quote by John Stagliano:

America became great because the founders knew that the power of the majority had to be strictly limited to protect this wonderful concept of “rights.” They knew that the rights of a minority, and especially the most important “minority”, the individual, needed to be protected against the will of the majority. And the most important right that they sought to protect, the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution, is the right to free speech. That is the right to express oneself in whatever way one wished, as long as that person was not “forcing” himself or his ideas on anyone else.

Who knew pornographers were so eloquent?

(More pro-porn activism:

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