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Playboy interviews: then and now

Playboy interviews: then and now

by David Veksler

Playboy has published their excellent interview with Ayn Rand. After reading the interview, I decided to see if they had any other interesting interviews under the “Best of” section. And came across this. OK, this is Playboy, after all, but surely there is at least one other interview about ideas.  Right?

Can you name any current mainstream publication that features a serious discussion of ideas?


  1. If “ideas” here means philosophical ideas, if “serious” means focused on fundamental values, and if “mainstream” means appealing to the widest possible audience, then I doubt that any mainstream publication could regularly feature a serious discussion of ideas.

    However, sometimes in large publications or networks, there might be small departments devoted to attracting an intellectual audience.

    Serious discussion of ideas is an interest to only a few individuals in society. One reason is division of labor. Only a few have the time and are mentally equipped to do so.

    I see this situation as good news for those who want to change their surrounding culture. They can avoid the Democratic Pitfall — the error of thinking a majority rules the direction of the culture — and concentrate on the few who are interested and have active minds.

  2. ahahahahahaha, dumbest fucking interview I’ve ever seen, christ all fucking mighty that was retarded, great post though cheers on the site.

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