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Middle East/Terrorism

Where are the liberals now?

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Hotinan asks a good question — does teaching your children to be bloodthirsty suicidal killers qualify as child abuse? Oh, that’s right, it’s Sharon’s fault that these kids are being raised as homicidal maniacs…(just ignore the adults cheering them on in the back)

Anyone still holding any delusions about the nature of PLO/Hamas should read Mike’s latest editorial on the "peace process" and this dated by still very relevant essay: "Do the Palestinians Deserve a State?"

My mom and sister are

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My mom and sister are currently on vacation in Israel, visiting my grandmother and many other relatives. With that in mind, I found the following post from James Lileks to be an eloquent summary of my current thoughts on the "peace process":

The top-of-the-hour radio news played today’s news just as you’d expect – everything shoved through the tit-for-tat template. Israel attempts to take out a terror leader; Hamas “responds” with a bombing. As if they’re equal. As if targeting the car that ferries around some murderous SOB is the same as sending a blissed-out teenager to blow nails and screws through the flesh of afternoon commuters so he can bury himself in the heaving bosom of the heavenly whorehouse. Cycle of violence, don’t you know.

They don’t have helicopters, we’re told, so they use suicide bombers. If they had helicopters, they would have strafed the bus and everyone waiting at the corner. Give them a nation where Hamas runs unchecked, and they’ll have helicopters. They won’t be Apaches. The bill of sale will be calculated in Euros and the manual written in French. By then the excuse for the terror won’t be oppression; it’ll be "the legacy of oppression." Sometimes I swear the mainstream media won’t take a look at the Palestinian’s horrid death-cult subculture until we learn that a suicide bomber played "Doom" at an Internet cafe for five minutes. And then they’ll blame Intel.

Also, check out today’s Cox and Forkum


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Take a look at "JIHAD IN THE PRESENT TIME," an "essay" found on a mainstream Pakistani Islamic website. The writer asks:

Has jihad now become binding on every Muslim?

…and provides the answer:

Until Islam as a Way of Life dominates the whole of the world and until Allah’s Law is enforced everywhere in the world, it is binding and incumbent upon the Muslims to fight on against the disbelievers

Every Muslim is bound to continue fighting against the disbelievers as long as they in any part of the world have power and strength enough to persecute the Muslims and as long as a person desiring to accept Islam is reluctant to do so jut because he fears to be persecuted and tortured by the disbelieves and it he somehow enters the fold of Islam, he becomes a target of their (i.e. the disbelievers’) oppression.

The object of Jihad in this case is the Indian army in Kashmir, but the essay provides a large number of quotes and commentary from the Qur’an which you may judge for yourself. The writer is a leader within the Hizbul Mujahideen, a quasi-military outfit sanctioned by the Pakistani government. (Thanks to BOL for the link.)

New Saddam's in Circulation

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A brief lesson in central banking: after a number of sources reported that the Saddam’s dinar is gaining against the dollar, the new Iraqi government is printing new dinars — complete with a photo of the deposed dictator on the front. Why? The dinar gained value against the dollar after the fall of the old regime becuase people thought no more would be printed. Printing massive amounts of currency is a favorite means of goverments to finance their Statist schemes, and an end to the old currency meant that the amount of dinars in the economy would be more or less fixed, increasing it’s utility as a currency. However, Iraqi bureaucrats wouldn’t let the demise of the dinar’s namesake stop such an easy and tempting source of revenue, so it looks like the printing presses will keep on rolling. Even if a new currency replaces the old Saddam dinar, it may still prove to be more popular (and valuable) if the people have reason to mistrust the soundness of the currency, just as the pre-1991 "Swiss dinar" is much more valuable than the Saddam dinar now.

"The two faces of Arab terror"

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The following post by David Horowitz is a great summary of the "peace process" in the Middle East:

As the Road Map continues, it is every day evident that for Arabs, peace is war continued by other means. Thus it was with the Oslo "Peace Process" which demanded words from the Palestinians and deeds from the Israelis, and led to land for the Arabs and suicide bombers for the Jews. Thus it is with the current charade in Sharm El-Sheikh. "Five Arab Leaders Denounce Violence" is the Washington Post headline on the peace summit that took place. And, to be fair, it is accurate since that is exactly what the world class liars who head the Arab states that were present did. The Jews, of course, were once again expected to respond to the hot air with actual deeds, which they once again did. In particular, they met an Arab request which was to release 100 Arab murderers of Jews. The most notable was a killer named Ahmad Jubarah who was whisked to the presence of his patron Arafat, for a ceremonial kiss. Jubarah had blown up 14 Israeli civilians in a terrorist attack 27 years ago. Meeting with reporters, he had the only honest words of the peace process to date. He was asked if he regretted his terrorist act. No, actually, he didn’t. "We were in war and still we are in war," he said. Quite. The Arabs declared war on Israel the day it was created in 1948. The Arab agenda then as now was to destroy the Jewish state. Until they renounce that aim, which would mean jailing and executing the terrorists among them — Arafat included — the peace talk is talk, and the Jews better not forget it.

I saw Horowitz speak at my school two years ago, and he is a great speaker who’s conversion experience (liberal Jew who learned from experience how repulsive the left is) reminded me of my own.

Hundreds of Millions Found in Iraq

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LGF reports that hundreds of millions of dollars were found in Iraq by US soldier, who stubmled upon the money hidden in sealed-up cottages in an upper class Baghdad neighborhood. CNN reporters are currently debating whether the money was destined for Iraqi civilians or the dismantling of WMD’s. </sarcasm>

In other news, new evidence shows that the shuttle was most likely doomed by the falling debris in the first few seconds of flight. Read my take on NASA here.