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Saddam gets 100% of the vote!

Saddam gets 100% of the vote!

by David Veksler

In other Axis news, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein won re-election for another six years by – get this – 100%. No, not 99.7% like last time, a full 11,445,638 to ZERO vote of the ENTIRE ELECTORATE. Never mind that there are active Kurdish rebel movements in the country, and many remote areas are not accessible or under Iraq’s control — apparently they put down their arms and came to vote in “loving support” of their glorious leader.
ABC news suggests ordinary Iraqis are pleased as well:

“This referendum and the 100 percent shows that all Iraqis are ready to defend their country and their leader,” said Khaled Yusef, hopping up and down among a cluster of men dancing on a street corner.

Who woulda thunk it? (Oh, I guess the fact that Hussein was the only guy in the ballot and anyone voting against him was unceremoniously shot kinda helped. ya think?)

Oh well, who are we to question another culture or infringe in Saddam’s divine right to terrorize his slav, err “citizens” as he wishes? After all, it’s a “democracy”.

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