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Iraq kicks out foreign journalists…

Iraq kicks out foreign journalists…

by David Veksler

From MSNBC: “The Iraqi government is upset about foreign reporting of an anti-government demonstration outside the Iraqi Information Ministry in Baghdad earlier this week, said Eason Jordan, CNN president of newsgathering.”
Demonstrations??? But I thought the vote was 100% Mr Hussein? Why would anyone want to protest?? Oh well, the’ve probably been shot by the time I write this. I’ll be waiting for any liberals who care about about “human rights” to bring this up next time they talk about Iraq….
Meanwhile: “Iraqi officials claimed CNN fabricated a report that government authorities had fired one or more guns into the air to disperse demonstrators earlier this week. Jordan said CNN had footage of the gunplay.”
Anybody seen this footage (or any other protests) in the news? It’s nice to hear so much about how the citizens of Iraq love their leader, but even this was mentioned only in passing in another article…

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